Karen Daleboudt
KD Leadership Coaching
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1077 NZ Amsterdam
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Who I am as a Coach…

karentest4.jpgA result oriented leadership coach who offers space for reflection and discovery.  Starting point is a clear coaching objective  of  a leader who wants to improve his leadership. Personal leadership (connecting with yourself) is in my view the foundation for leading people (connecting  with others). My approach can be characterized as a combination of business focus and a  high personal touch.


What you can expect…

My assumption is that everyone carries their own answers inside. A coach facilitates the discovery of these answers and offers a confidential safe-haven. Core of the coaching session is based on the coach who listens, asks questions and gives feedback. Between coaching sessions there will be specific action taking place as agreed upon with the coach. Results of the coaching assignment can be measured by finding out if people around the leader see the desired change in leadership behaviour.


Possible coaching questions...

  • How do I engage employees for a common goal? 
  • How do I improve my working relationships with people around me (employees, team members, bosses)?
  • How do I deal with diversity in my team in order to get the best out of people?
  • How can I be myself in all circumstances, also under high pressure and in political sensitive situations?
  • How do I find inner peace necessary to realize a good work/life balance? 

My background

I am an Economist by background with extensive experience in the investment world (Institutional Sales) also outside the Netherlands. As a Manager I learned to train and coach people and turned that into my profession. During the last seven years I worked with managers who wanted to develop their leadership. By coaching and advising on leadership development I have contributed to an improving working  climate for employees. Working with Senior Managers and Top Executives is what I enjoy most as their impact on the rest of the organisation is tremendous.

I am trained as a coach by following the Coach’s Training of MMS (Motivation Management Services) and the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Process Training. In addition to that I am certified in MBTI and FIRO-B. These instruments are well known as tools to provide managers more insight about themselves and others.


If there is no clear coaching objective at the start of a coaching assignment it is impossible to measure results afterwards

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